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Cynthia Washington
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Our Story

Old Tradition

Sweet potato pies have been a favorite tradition in my family for decades, thanks to my grandmother, Hattie “Tease” Washington. There was always something unique and exceptional about her cooking. Her desire for excellence ruled her household, and her kitchen. She believed that excellence would bring about the best creations, and it often did. 

 Being that I was raised by my grandmother,  I watched Ma hand make her pies. And I realized, too many people think about the crust and not enough about the filling. Crust is necessary, but it’s the filling that really sets the pies apart. I think the crust should be the icing on the cake. Years later, I continued Ma’s sweet potato tradition, but as a side dish for family and friends. Along the way, I tweaked her recipe to suit my taste.

New Twist

Because I am always thinking of ways to be creative; in 2010, I decided to try something different with the sweet potato filling. I put them in spring roll wraps. My son Rashaad and his wife Martiana tried them and it was on then. We began to sell them at our jobs. The response was so great, that it became overwhelming. Eventually, I had to stop and regroup. I realized I had a viable product, but I had to build a rock solid foundation.

I started looking for a manufacturer, which turned out to be a difficult task. Co-packer/manufacturers, don’t like to deal with small businesses, unless they can show a need for high volume. It took several years for me to find a co-packer, or should I say, for them to find me. 

While waiting for this to happen, I was marketing through festivals, catered events, word of mouth, etc. It was during these times, that I discovered I had another marketable product, a glaze. Customers were asking for it as a separate item. 

My grandmother had a gift for making everything she cooked, excellent. I have been blessed to take it a step further. I’m taking the love she put into all her recipes and taking it to the level of entrepreneurship. Which, in addition to building a legacy for my children’s children, I’m sharing it with you and your family. Continuing the tradition that Hattie “Tease” Washington enjoyed doing, showing love through her cooking. You know you are on a roll, when you are enjoying a Sprolls.

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In Good Hands

Faith, Family, and Food

Old Tradition. New Twist! That’s our motto at Sprolls. It means elevating something that is impeccable to an even greater level. For example, everything my grandmother cooked was of the highest standard. How can you make excellence even greater? You put a new twist on it. This is what I’ve done with Sprolls. My grandmother understood showing love through food. I'm continuing that legacy of sharing her gifts of faith, family, and food. These traits did not die with my grandmother. They live in me. And, they live in the desserts I create for you.

Hattie "Tease" Washington
Grandmother and Inspiration

Everything Made With Love

Our Products

Sprolls are delicious dessert-filled spring rolls. After we cook them, we sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar and add our specialty glaze. They are perfect when you eat them plain, but for a greater burst of flavor, drizzle them with Sprolls Signature Sweet Potato Glaze, and then top with a confectioner’s sugar icing. Sprolls uses only real ingredients and no artificial flavors or dyes. Experience the delicious dessert that festival goers have been raving about.

Sweet Potato Spring Rolls and Signature Glaze

Sweet Potato Spring Rolls (Plain)

These crispy, golden, sweet potato spring rolls are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. 

Sweet Potato Spring Rolls (Glazed)

Add a perfect touch of sweetness and a greater burst of flavor by drizzling Sprolls with Sprolls Signature Sweet Potato Glaze and top with icing.

Signature Sweet Potato Glaze

Our Signature Sweet Potato Glaze is the first in the line of Sprolls-flavored glazes. It is the perfect compliment to Sprolls, as well as other recipes. 

Future Flavors

We’ll have more flavors of Sprolls Dessert Spring Rolls and Signature Glazes soon!

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Tips for Topping Sprolls

Sprolls are perfect when you eat them plain, but for a greater burst of flavor, top them with:

  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Sprolls Signature Glaze
  • Confectioner’s icing

Ways to Use Our Glaze

Not only is our Signature Glaze a delicious compliment to Sprolls, but it also adds a perfect touch of sweetness to your favorite foods. Try it on:

  • Biscuits
  • French fries (and sweet potato fries)
  • Ice cream
  • Pancakes
  • Popcorn
  • Meats 
  • Cakes, Cookies, Pies
  • Your imagination 

Easy Confectioner’s Sugar Icing 

  • Add 1 cup of confectioners’ sugar to a bowl
  • Add 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons of water to the sugar slowly and stir together slowly(add water, as needed).
  • Stir all the ingredients together until smooth
  • Use as a icing on Sprolls along with Sprolls Signature Glaze


Got a Sweet Suggestion for a Recipe? 

Do you have a recipe idea using Sprolls Dessert products? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We might share your ideas for others to try!

Email recipes to: [email protected]. Add the word “Recipe” in the subject line. Also, share your recipes with us on our social media. Use #SprollsDesserts and #Desserts.

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Ms. Washington not only exemplifies a business relationship, but her humbleness and gratitude towards her customers gives them a feeling of a family and has customers flocking to her. I got the opportunity to try Mrs. Washington’s Sprolls. The taste was amazing and has your mouth watering for more. It has the perfect sweet potato taste, served with a delicious glaze on top that will make you want to toss any traditional dessert and put this on tables everywhere. (Read more)

Mary DeSouza

Manager, Sunnydale Service Center

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